One of the most anxiety inducing aspects of visiting someplace new, or even someplace you haven’t been to in awhile, is what to expect, how you should dress, and all of those other little details. As our guest, we want you to feel welcome at any of our services, community groups, or other events. We hope the below helps, but if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What to Wear

We don’t have a dress code for our services, and you will see jeans, shorts, and business casual dress on a typical Sunday. As our guest, don’t worry so much about you should wear!

Style of Worship

We don’t believe there should be a “war” between contemporary and traditional styles. Instead, we sing both modern music and traditional hymns. We sing to worship God, remind ourselves of deep spiritual truths, and encourage and build up each other in the faith.

Style of Preaching

To get a sense of the style of preaching you’ll typically find, visit our sermon podcast to listen and download previous sermons.

Did we miss something? Got another question? Let us know!