Our Beliefs

The Baptist Faith and Message 2000 represents the full of our core beliefs, but below you will also find a summary of some of the most important aspects:

1. We believe that there is one God, the divine creator of the universe, who has always existed in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

2. We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, his virgin birth, sinless life, and acts of miracles. He is fully God and fully man. He has always been with God and is, in fact, God. He is the only WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE. As Savior, he died a substitutionary death for the sins of mankind on the cross. Resurrected on the third day, he redeems us from sin, defeated death, and breaks the power of sin and darkness. Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man, and there is no other name by which mankind can and must be saved from eternity in Hell, a very real place.

3. We believe the Holy Spirit, through the proclamation of the gospel, persuades men to repent of their sins and confess Jesus as Lord. He performs the miracle of the new birth in an unbeliever and indwells believers, enabling them to live a godly life.

4. We believe the Bible, the 66 books that together comprise the Old Testament and the New Testament, is the inspired, written Word of God. The Bible is the essential and infallible record of God’s self-disclosure to mankind. It directs us to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Being given by God, the Bible is both fully and verbally inspired by Him. Therefore, as originally given, the Bible is free from error in everything and serves as our final authority for faith, practice, and every other aspect of life.

5. We believe that God made man – male and female – in his own image, as the crown of creation, that man might have fellowship with him. Tempted by Satan, man rebelled against God, and because of this sin, was separated from God. This separation can be removed only by grace and through faith alone, God’s gift of salvation and forgiveness of sin, which was made possible by Christ’s death and resurrection.

6. We believe that a person becomes a Christian when they confess their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and being a Christian means following and obeying Jesus, which transforms what is said and done, with the help, power, and presence of God.

7. We believe that we demonstrate our new faith in Christ through believer’s baptism by immersion, which follows Jesus’ own example. Baptism serves strictly as a symbol of our death to our old life and resurrection to a new life in Christ. This first step of obedience is simply an outward expression of an inward experience identifying publicly our new relationship with Christ.

8. We believe that when we celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Communion) all believers are invited to share in the bread and the juice that are symbols of the broken body and shed blood of Jesus, representing the grace-filled gift given to us in and through Jesus Christ. “As often as you do this, do it in remembrance of me” gives each local church the freedom to decide how often they will celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

9. We believe The Church is a living organism, a body of baptized believers in Jesus Christ, also known as the Bride of Christ. It is composed of diverse members who seek to experience God through fellowship, discipleship, worship, service, and evangelism and who are indwelt with the Holy Spirit seeking unity, effective coordination of fruitful ministry, and obedient to the biblical commandments of God.

10. Finally, we believe in a personal relationship with the Lord that compels us to share our faith with all people, encourage each other through weekly church attendance, and live a life in which we act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.