About Us

Lewisburg Baptist Church has been ministering to and serving the communities in and around Lewisburg and Maysville since it started in 1843. A lot has changed since then, but our purpose remains to glorify God by making his love and grace known to all.

We aim to be Christians not just on Sunday morning, but throughout the entire week. It’s hard work, but by and through the grace and forgiveness of God, we keep working towards Christlikeness.

We cooperate with the Southern Baptist Convention, Kentucky Baptist Convention, and the Bracken Association of Baptists. We do this because we believe that we can do more when we partner together than we can apart.

Missions are important to us too, so we support the North American Mission Board, the International Mission Board, various local opportunities, and other ministries and missionaries.

We believe that God’s Word is completely true; it guides us in everything from what we teach to how we live. The 2000 Baptist Faith and Message is a helpful summary of our beliefs.

No matter who you are or where you are in your relationship with God, we want to serve you and for you to come along with us as we serve others.

If you have never put your faith and trust in Christ, then we’d love to talk to you about what that means. If you already know Jesus, we want to help you deepen your relationship with him.

We hope that you’ll connect with us soon at one of our services or community groups!

Below you can learn more about the history of the church, or you can also check out our beliefs, find out when our services are, learn about what you can expect when visiting us, and listen or download previous sermons.


Lewisburg Baptist Church was established when approximately 25 members of May’s Lick Baptist Church decided to form a church in their own community.

Three acres of ground were purchased from George Chinn for $65, and a brick building (now housing the present-day sanctuary) was erected. The antebellum structure featured a sloping floor and two massive front doors allowing men and women to enter (and sit!) on opposite sides of the building.

A monument still stands in the side yard of the church marking the burial site of Lewisburg’s first pastor, elder Charles H. Parker. A large cemetery located on the hill directly behind the church contains the remains of many pioneer families and early members of the church.

Throughout the years, the church facility has expanded, as needs arose, and a complete renovation of the sanctuary took place in 2006. Much has changed since its founding, but its members still seek to further the kingdom of God in Lewisburg, Maysville, Mason County and unto the ends of the earth.